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0: Eco-Mentor Invite (Free 4 Pt. Webinar) Introducing Eco-Mentor Training for Women (Apprentice & Activist)


4 Lessons


EMPOWERING MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS: Embracing Eco Mentorship for a Thriving Future! 

Join Candia Lea Cole, The Eco Intelligent Lifestyle Mentor, for an inspiring and transformative journey designed for mothers and daughters committed to exploring holistic, sustainable paths to success and wellness. This empowering webinar addresses the burning question faced by young women and their guardians about the value of a traditional college education in a rapidly changing and ecologically

OFFERED BY: Eco-Learning Legacies

Free Courses and Materials for You

Eco-BItes Food Treasure Hunt Activity (Includes mini-booklet + audio+ illustrated questionnaires + answer keys +)

Industrial food production depletes natural resources and harms living things' ecological health and well-being. It also produces food for humans that have been tainted with pesticides, drugs, hormones, and food additives. If you're ready to be part of the solution to this problem, I know you'll enjoy this game activity, which supports you in creating a more healthy and sustainable way of farming and eating! The game provides you with two game questionnaires. The first questionnaire is a SEARCH MISSION. You'll read clues about foods whose industrial production is harmful to the living ecology of your body and the Earth, and you'll match them to pictures of foods that they correspond to. The second questionnaire is a RESCUE MISSION. You'll read clues about foods whose organic production is healthy and restorative to the living ecology of your body and the Earth, and you match them to pictures of foods that they correspond to.


15 Lessons

All Levels

Tabletop TUTORS 02: Learn & Teach Eco-Intelligent Eating

In our modern dietary culture, standardized eating models such as the USDA Eating Model are used by schools and organizations to teach us about our requirements for good nutrition. But what if the kinds and quantities of foods they advise us to eat contribute to our ill health (and the planet’s ill health) because of the toxic drugs, chemicals, hormones, and GE organisms used in their production? In this course, you'll learn why and how to source what you eat from ethical, humane, sustainability-minded food producers, and you’ll be inspired to make healthy dietary choices that respect your nutritional needs and the earth's!


8 Lessons

All Levels

Tabletop TUTORS 05: Custom Dietary Choices (You Choose)

Are you familiar with custom diets? Are you curious about vegetarian eating, or about following the paleo diet? Are you familiar with the GAPS Diet, or the Chinese 5 Elements Diet? Do you know the difference between a yin food, and a yang food, and which types suit your needs better? While these diets might seem like opposites, they actually have a lot in common, focusing on high-quality, organic, cruelty-free whole foods that are raised without harmful practices and substances. In this course, you will earn about how these different kinds of diets can help you to meet your changing dietary needs, and give you the tools to build a healthier life!


16 Lessons

All Levels

Tabletop TUTORS 07: Learn & Teach Essential Health Awareness

Do you want to take action to improve your health, but wonder where to even begin? Do you wonder if you're focused on the right things, or, if the things you're doing really make a difference? Or are you just looking for some solid information on specific ways you can improve your overall health? With so many things out there that can affect your health (for better or worse!), zeroing in on truly important factors can be difficult--especially when there's so much information (and disinformation) out there. In this course, you will learn about natural elements that are essential to your health.

2h 30m

10 Lessons

All Levels

Tabletop TUTORS 08: Learn & Teach about The Food & Mood Connection

You've heard of comfort food, and while pints of ice cream may make some things all better, there's a little more to it than that! Did you know you can boost your mood by eating the right foods? The chemicals in foods affect our brains in very specific ways, and with the right foods, you can eat your way to being calmer, more focused, energized, and happy. In this course, you'll explore the kinds of foods and beverages that have a healthy or unhealthy impact on your physical, mental, and emotional health.


11 Lessons

All Levels

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